About me


My name is L. Salt, and I’m an emerging writer from Sheffield, UK.  I studied History of World Culture and did my Master’s Degree in Art Expertise at the St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts.

I was born in Belarus and have lived for many years in Crimea and Russia, then finally settled down in Sheffield, in the North of England, where I currently live with my husband.  My interest in writing dates back to my teenage years. Apart from creative writing, I have a passion for travelling, arts, history, and foreign languages.

“The Ways We Follow” is my debut novel, a futuristic urban drama inspired by the glorious city of St. Petersburg, where I have lived for almost ten years. At the moment, I’m working on its sequel, a futuristic action “Angels of Zion. I’ve also written a novella and a few short stories, experimenting with different genres. My short stories appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines.



2 Replies to “About me”

  1. Hello, L. Salt,
    If you have any interest in working with us, please let us know. We’d be interested in taking a look at any other manuscripts you have or the short stories you’re experimenting with.
    Hope you have a good day,
    Staff@publishingadvisors.com (In case you want to get in touch directly)


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