[Release Blitz]: Venus Remembered by Jason J. Marchi

Foreword By William F. Nolan

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Release Date: 30 November 2020

Publisher: Fahrenheit Books

Available 30 November 2020 for the 100th anniversary year of the birth of Ray Bradbury 

​Venus Remember – “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury and the inspired sequel “When the Rain Stops” by Jason Marchi

​”There’s life on Venus! See for yourself… in two haunting, spectral stories of cold rain, poisoned jungle, and sickened hearts, penned by Ray Bradbury and Jason Marchi. As refreshing as an out-of-nowhere shower on a sun dazzling day.” – Joe Hill, New York Times Bestselling author of Heart-Shaped Box and Horns, among others.

NINE YEAR OLD Margot remembers the sun. “[A] yellow crayon or a coin large enough to buy the world with . . . a warmness, like a blushing in the face, in the body, in the arms and legs and trembling hands.” In Ray Bradbury’s revered short story, “All Summer in a Day,” the last time Margot saw the sun was when she was four years old and still living on Earth. After her family moved to Venus a year later, she longed to see the sun again and to feel its warmth on her skin. On the one day every seven years when it stops raining on Venus and the sun breaks through the perpetual cloud cover to brighten the landscape for a brief two hours, Margot is locked away in a dark closet by her jealous classmates. Readers familiar with the graceful and poetic writing of Ray Bradbury – and those new to his literary magic – will find themselves empathetic toward a young girl who is kept from feeling and seeing the sunlight by her mean-spirited peers. Jump forward in time and meet Margot at 16. In the story “When the Rain Stops,” Jason Marchi provides one plausible and satisfying answer to the question left in readers’ minds at the end of Bradbury’s classic tale of aloneness – whatever happened to Margot?

About the Author

Jason J. Marchi made his creative writing debut in 1988 in the pages of Amazing Stories, Weird Tales Magazine, and Pandora, followed by additional fiction sales to Verbicide and Futures Mysterious Fiction Magazine, among others. His first book, a poetry collection, was published in 2010, followed by his first children’s book The Legend of Hobbomock: The Sleeping Giant in 2011, the latter which became a regional Barnes & Noble bestseller. His second picture storybook, The Growing Sweater, appeared in 2014 and won fourteen awards. Mr. Marchi also worked as an assistant developmental editor for a set of Grolier encyclopedias, and a division The McGraw-Hill Companies. In 1998 he founded and directed the New Century Writer Awards, which operated in close association with Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope: All-Story magazine until 2003. His next books, three collections of fantasy, horror, and science fiction stories, are slated for publication over the next few years, beginning in 2021. Jason lives and writes in his boyhood home in Guilford, Connecticut.

Contact Links

Website: http://www.jasonjmarchi.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Legend-of-Hobbomock-The-Sleeping-Giant-139383326177584

LinkedIn Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-marchi-275a5b1/

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[Book Blitz]: My Brother’s Keeper by Courtnee Turner Hoyle

A Pale Woods Mystery: Book One

Genre: Mystery

Date Published: 26 June 2020

Publisher: Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc.

Seventeen-year-old Jerrod has struggled with the guilt of his actions for an event that took place almost a year ago. His friends have abandoned him, his family ignores him, and he lost his best friend. To make matters worse, he was unable to access records that may have revealed his father’s whereabouts.

His sister, Ella, guides Jerrod as he tries to learn and accept secrets his family has tried to hide. However, a sinister spirit may be influencing Ella’s actions, and it has an agenda of its own.

About the Author

Courtnee Turner Hoyle was raised in Unicoi County, surrounded by the traditions and dialect of the area. She embraced the regional stories, mountain views, and culture -except sweet tea and unannounced visits – and sought to correct the misconceptions about the local people and the town stories that turned into rumors. Despite the challenges that face a young mother, she graduated East Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English, with an emphasis in technical writing, and a Bachelor of Business. She received a Master of Arts in Teaching from the same university, and began writing novels. She volunteers with community organizations, and she has been involved with Girl Scouts of the Southern Appalachians for several years as a Troop Administrator. She also volunteers with the Girl Scout Service Unit in her area. Her responsibilities include planning events, organizing social media releases for the service unit, and writing articles about the activities and accomplishments of all the troops in her county. She resides in Erwin, Tennessee, with her children and husband. She has hiked the section of the Appalachian Trail near her home, has visited many of the caves and other mountain trails in the area, and is fascinated by their enigmatic appeal. She likes reading, writing, and any reasonable music. Most of all, she enjoys sharing adventures with her children and making memories through their experiences.

Contact Links

Website: https://courtneeturnerhoyle.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Courtnee-Turner-Hoyles-Pale-Woods-Erwin-Mystery-Book-Series-109670063806502

Blog: https://courtneeturnerhoyle.com/blog/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pale_woods_mysteries/

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Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/my-brothers-keeper-courtnee-turner-hoyle/1137334690?ean=9781950895434

[Book Blitz]: Destination Callao by David Adamson Harper

Genre: Historical Fiction

Date Published: October 2020

Publisher: AjijicBooks Publishing

All good historical novels have a fascinating story written around a real event in history. In DESTINATION CALLAO the author has taken two separate historical events and woven them together into a thrilling story that has all the elements of adventure, romance and enough saber-rattling to more than satisfy those with a taste for action, including a duel with cutlasses and a deadly ambush.

The year is 1851 and Conor Fitzgerald, a former Midshipman in the Royal Navy having passed his Lieutenant’s Examination, finds he cannot get a Navy commission. He obtains a position as second mate on a merchant sailing ship that is heading for Callao, Peru, with a party of 180 Irish immigrants. To get to Callao the ship Louisa has to sail around Cape Horn in winter when it runs into more than just bad weather.

They arrive in Callao where the immigrants plans to set up a farming community are set back when they find that disease is rampant and they lose many in their numbers. Conor decides to stay in Callao where he goes to work for a Scottish ship chandler.

When the famous Italian freedom fighter Giuseppe Garibaldi arrives in Peru in October 1851, he and Conor become friends, but Garibaldi has enemies from his previous military encounters and none greater than the French. The French colony in Lima tries to humiliate him and, when that doesn’t work, they set out to kill him. Conor finds himself drawn into these events and is forced to fight for his own life while trying to work out his future and his marriage prospects.

About the Author

After graduating from HMS Worcester Naval College in England, David Adamson Harper spent five years at sea as a deck/navigating officer. The latter two years in the Far East were the inspiration for his first book KWANGCHOW. After leaving the sea, David joined the Grace Line in New York as a management trainee. He spent the rest of his long career in the maritime industry and worked all over the world in various executive positions.
He retired in 2008 and moved to Mexico to become a writer. Together with his wife Susan and dog Bess, he lives on the north shore of Lake Chapala in the village of Ajijic. The lake is 5,000 feet above sea level in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and the climate there is considered to be the best in the world, neither too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter.

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Website: https://www.davidadamsonharper.com

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[Book Blitz]: REMEMBER by Tara C. Allred

A Prelude Novella to The Existence Series

Genre: Science Fiction

Date Published: October 2020

Publisher: Patella Publishing

One invention and two men hoping to change the way humans connect—through memory exchanges—but days before it’s released, one man realizes it may do more harm than good.

Foster Grady pleads with doctors to give his dying wife a moment of reprieve. He wants her to experience his creation: the ability to relive their life together through his memories. But when doctors refuse, terminal patient, Ashyr Harmon, convinces Foster to give him the chance instead.

The exchange becomes Ashyr’s lifeline and the two form a friendship and business deal which ignites dangerous consequences.


Other Books In The Existence Series:

Beyond the End

The Existence Series, Book One

Publisher: Patella Publishing

Release Date: 20th November 2020

Nothing else exists—at least that’s what she’s been told.

Strong-willed teenager Leilani Grady is suffocating on her family’s island. She wants off, but her parents say the rest of Earth is destroyed.

When a stranger shows up, Leilani realizes her parents have fed her a life of lies.

Ashyr Harmon shares a complicated history with her parents—and now he wants Leilani’s help with saving his society. It’s her chance to escape the only place she knows. But Leilani must decide who she trusts: her flesh and blood or this man who promises to fulfil her dream.


Both men pressed shoulder-to-shoulder to look down at the resume, neither commenting on the fact Mariana had emailed it to at least one of them earlier in the week.

Regardless, while they looked, she looked too. Past the pizza boxes, down a long table against the east wall. She slid a foot back toward the table and, with a lean of her head, read physiology handwritten across a banker box. Then a slide of the foot to the right to see the scribble in permanent marker mind vs the brain across a journal cover, and then to a loose sheet of paper with a sketch of a glove with the word pressable next to circles which lined the palm.

Her feet had shifted ninety degrees when she heard Ashyr say, “We want to hire you.”

She looked behind her back, a grin spilling over her face. “Just like that?”

He shrugged. “I almost died before I discovered this…this…”

“Em-Path” Folsom added, standing directly next to Ashyr as if the two spoke as one.

“It saved my life. And showed me what to live—”

“And we don’t have time to waste,” Folsom inserted.

Ashyr twisted to face Folsom, nodding his head, as if Folsom had said the key words. “Yeah. It’s about timing. And you seem like an excellent fit.”

Mariana turned her focus back to scanning the details of the room. On the north wall, a table presented itself as a technology graveyard with broken tablets, game consoles, power cables, remote control boxes, and all sorts of other things she didn’t recognize. She felt awkward, her back toward these men who had just offered her a job. But an urgent curiosity kept drawing her forward, her feet moving toward a dark room, only partially visible, tucked in the far corner between the back table and the west wall, which was lined with a lab sink, a long counter, and a fridge. The room’s door was ajar. Taped to the center of the door, she read the handwritten note.

Please Do Not Disturb—Memory Exchange in Progress.

She drew her head back and turned around to face her interviewers. Her breath caught in her throat, the question ready now. “What’s the pay?” As long as it was higher than minimum wage, she would have to take the job.

Ashyr stood taller. “What do you want it to be?”

Folsom released a sharp cough. “Within reason.” He gave her an apologetic grin. “We don’t have much to offer yet, but with your help finding the support we need, we will soon.”

Ashyr stepped closer toward her. His clear blue eyes pulling her in again. “We are committed to making this work. We’re investing everything we have into this. In other words, we’re super, absolutely, insanely committed to this. And we want to make this a win for you too.”

Mariana nodded slowly, unsure of what exactly she was agreeing to.

“Help secure us a sponsor in—what—?” He twisted looks from Folsom to Mariana, “Two? Three months? In three months. You secure us a sponsor in three months and…” his voice turned soft, dipping into a whisper, “we’ll make you a partner with us.” Then he flung back to face Folsom. “Right? She helps get us a sponsor and she has partial ownership, with you, me, and Brody. It’ll be the four of us.” He looked again, back and forth between the two of them. “A percentage.” He started waving his hands around as if a number wasn’t within his mental reach. “We draft up all that legal stuff. We’ll figure it out. Together, we all make this dream come alive.” He whirled back to face her with a grin. With a lopsided tilt of the head, he said, “It’ll be worth it for all of us.”

Folsom stepped forward, the three of them forming a triangle.

Ashyr straightened. His clear blue eyes met hers. From him to Folsom’s rich blue eyes, Mariana looked at both of them, a nod growing inside her, just as Ashyr said, “So, you in?” 

About the Author

Tara C. Allred is an award-winning author, instructional designer, and educator. She has been recognized as a California Scholar of the Arts for Creative Writing and is a recipient of the Howey Awards for Best Adult Book and Best Adult Author. She lives in Utah with her husband.

Her published works include REMEMBER (The Existence Series), SANDERS’ STARFISH and UNAUTHORED LETTERS (John Sanders Series), HELPING HELPER and THE OTHER SIDE OF QUIET, a 2015 Kindle Book Award Finalist and Whitney Award Winner.
Through online coaching, she helps other writers unleash their creative stories. 

Contact Links

Website: http://www.taracallred.net

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TaraCAllred

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TaraCAllred

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tara-allred-niekamp-45872412/

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[Release Blitz]: The Injection by DL Jones

Genre: Thriller, Medical thriller, Action thriller, Suspense

Date Published: 20th October 2020

Publisher: 43Ten Press

The only thing to save two old friends from death may also be what kills them.

Mr. Peters is a successful business owner. Other than dealing with a recent rash of break-ins, he lives a very satisfying life. That was until a childhood friend and brilliant scientist paid him a visit.

While the two friends had a troubled past, not speaking for ten years, the reunion was a happy one. That happiness quickly took a wrong turn as their lives are threatened.

Now held captive, the use of an experimental drug was the only option. A top-secret drug that enhanced a person’s will and physicality is the only thing giving them a fighting chance.

However, there are deadly side effects. Along with enhanced abilities comes a decrease in mental stability. Moreover, there is more to the kidnappings than first thought.

Will the two childhood friends maintain their sanity long enough to survive?

Excerpt from Chapter  2

The lab environment was huge. There were tables and equipment everywhere; it was a spotless room with a lot of testing and sample stations in different areas. Michael and Trey got off the elevator and walked over to two large tables at the back of the lab. Each of those tables had a maze set-up that spread the length of them. Next to the tables were cages. One cage held about twenty little white mice. Trey stood by the table looking at the mazes.

“I don’t get this new set-up,” Trey said.

He pointed to one table and commented on how that maze wasn’t really a maze, but just a straight line to the end. Then he looked at the maze on the other table and pointed out how there were a lot of branching paths going in all different directions.

“Yes, sir! That is exactly what you are looking at. The table with all the branching paths circles around the cheese. If you notice, there is no access to the cheese in that maze,” Michael explained.

Michael reached in and grabbed a mouse from the cage. He held it dangling it by his tail. With his other hand, he held a piece of cheese in front of the mouse, almost teasing it. The mouse reached out while swinging back and forth, trying to grab at the cheese. He then put the piece of cheese in the middle of the maze. He put the mouse at the beginning of the maze and let it go.

The mouse sniffed around for a moment. Once it got a whiff of the cheese, it ran into the maze. It kept running through all the branching paths of the maze and ended up running around the path that circled the cheese. The mouse could smell the cheese but had no path to get to it.

“So, the mouse knows the cheese is there, and he just keeps circling it. Seems like typical behavior,” Trey said.

“It is indeed typical behavior. That’s the control, the mouse acts as it is expected. This maze here with the straight line to the finish is the test,” Michael said, pointing to the table as if he was displaying a prized showcase.

“Okay, that’s a single hall to the cheese. But it’s still blocked—”

“Yes, the cheese is blocked off,” Michael interrupted.

Michael reached down and picked up the little wooden block that ended the straight line on the table. He handed it to Trey, and Trey examined it. He noticed that the block was slightly heavier than what these mice could physically move. Michael then walked back over to the cage of mice and grabbed a different mouse. He took a syringe from the table and injected the mouse.

“Well, mice have been known to gnaw off their own limbs to escape mousetraps,” Tracy said. “Is that the idea here?”

Trey watched as Michael dangled the mouse in the air. He then took another piece of cheese and held it in front of the mouse. The mouse seemed to get excited trying to get at the cheese. The mouse viciously grabbed at the cheese, trying to bite it while dangling. It even bit Michael a few times.

“Damn, that mouse seems a lot more aggressive than before,” Trey said

“Take a look at this…Oh, just so you know, this is the thirty-seventh time we have done this today,” Michael said.

Michael took the weighted block from Trey and placed it back in its spot at the end of the maze. He then took the piece of cheese and put it behind the block. Trey examined the maze, which was just a straight line to the weighted block with the piece of cheese hiding behind it. Michael walked to the front of the maze and placed the mouse at the starting point.

The mouse immediately ran toward the maze’s finish at a speed beyond that of the fastest mice they’d seen in the lab. The mouse ran to the end of the maze and slammed head-first into the weighted block. The block moved, just a fraction of an inch. The mouse then viciously clawed and bit at the block.

“Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that before. That mouse seems to be really determined, to the point where it completely ignored the pain from slamming into the block at that speed,” Trey said.

The mouse then ran in the opposite direction, back towards the beginning of the maze. It turned and sprinted back to the block at an even faster speed than before, slamming its head on the block once again.

“The mouse isn’t ignoring the pain. The brain stopped registering it,” Michael said.

The mouse repeated this act several times, moving the block just a fraction each time. After a few minutes of this display, the block had moved just enough for the mouse to slide through the opening. The mouse did so and ate the cheese.

“My research stated that this would happen, but I didn’t think we could achieve it this soon,” Trey said.

“Well, the last set of changes you proposed to the formula seem to put us at the almost there state. As you can see by the speed of the mouse, the brain is able to tell the body’s muscles to perform at levels above normal. The mouse’s skin seems to go into a protective mode and harden, just a tad, to brace for impact,” Michael explained.

Michael reached into the maze and removed the weighted block. The mouse continued to eat the cheese.

“So, we have created a near invincible mouse,” said Trey.

“No, the mouse is still completely vulnerable, but it will be the toughest mouse you have ever seen…for a short period of time.”

“How long?”

“Well, it’s hard to say with other specimens, but with the mice we have, and the dosage we have been giving them, it lasts about five minutes. The other problems we have had are still there with prolonged use, so we have been using a new mouse each time,” Michael said. “There is one problem…”

Trey looked at the maze and noticed the mouse was lying limp on the floor beside the cheese. The lab tech walked over and picked up the mouse as if it was dead, and put it in a second cage filled with a different set of mice.

“Did the mouse die?” Trey asked.

“No, it didn’t die. All the benefits of the formula are fueled by a goal, which in this case is getting to the piece of cheese. Once the goal is accomplished, the hypothalamus realizes it has delegated functions beyond the body’s safe capabilities. Tries to normalize the brain functions in a hurry. Thus, the mouse passes out,” Michael explains.

“Hmm…new problem,” Trey said.

“Yep, new problem. The passing out seems to have no effects on the mouse. Just looks like it’s a way of the brain returning to normal in a hurry. But it’s something you must be mindful of. Nothing we can do about it now.”

Trey looked over at the mouse cage to see the once-limp mouse running on the pinwheel like nothing had happened.

“That was fast. The mouse is back to normal again.”

“Yeah, they seem to be resilient… but it’s a mouse, and it is a very small dose that they receive.”

“I don’t remember sleeping that long,” Trey said.

“You slept for two days, Tracy. We almost took you to the hospital,” said Michael.

“Okay, yeah, you are right, it was a long time. Was some good sleep,” Trey said. “But this is a different formula. Improvements have been made, as you said.”

“Yes, that’s true. But even though you passed out, that never happened with the mice until the new improvements.”

“Something to think about,” Trey said.

“Something to think about indeed,” Michael echoed.

About the Author

DL Jones is a Writer, IT Professional, and Tech Enthusiast.
DL Jones was born in Brooklyn NY, grew up in Newport News VA and has spent the last 8 years in Charlotte NC. He has served time in the US Army and works as an IT Professional. His first love has always been tech, well computers and the web specifically, which has led to a lot of writing.


Contact Links

Website:  dljonesbooks.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dljonesbooks/

Twitter: twitter.com/dljonesbooks

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/18424025.D_L_Jones

Instagram: instagram.com/dljonesbooks

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Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08G59FR9T

Books 2 Read: Books2read.com/theinjection


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[Guest Post]: Top Ten Favorite Books by Mike Murphey, the author of “Wasting Time”

My today’s guest author Mike Murphey is talking about his favourite reads and how they influenced his writing.

Top Ten Favorite Books

by Mike Murphey

1. Huckleberry Finn
Perhaps the greatest American novel by the greatest American author. It’s such a shame that it has become controversial because so many have chosen to see only a single word and ignored all the others. Huckleberry Finn is probably the most impassioned repudiation of racism I have ever encountered.

2. Red Sky at Morning
This modest little book written by New Mexico author Richard Bradford is a beautiful coming-of-age story that had a profound influence on my wanting to become a writer.

3. Lonesome Dove
Larry McMurtry’s masterpiece, which, like Red Sky, is very much about Southwestern culture.

4. The Stand
Although I am not the most passionate of Stephen King fans, two of his books are in my top ten. The Stand is the prototype apocryphal tale. I’ve read the unabridged version a half dozen times.

5. Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption
This novella is, I think, the best think Stephen King ever wrote.

6. The Milagro Beanfield War
This is the first book in John Nichols New Mexico trilogy. Another book that captures New Mexico’s cultural conflicts in an incredibly entertaining and insightful manner. El brazo de Onofre Martinez.

7. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Any of Douglas Adams’ books are funny and masterful. The Hitchhiker’s Guide is the first in a five-book “trilogy” all of which are hilarious. Adams also wrote two other books that deserve mention: Dirk Gently’s Wholistic Detective Agency, and The Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul. I love his style and voice.

8. Lamb—The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal
I could probably substitute any one of Christopher Moore’s books here. Lamb is one of my favorites. Moore, whose genre has been labeled absurdist fiction, can make anything funny. From Practical Demonkeeping to Secondhand Souls to Sacre’ Bleu, you can’t go wrong. Moore doesn’t do this just off the top of his head. Many of his books have required intricate research.

9. Another Roadside Attraction
The third of the big three influences on my writing—the first two being Douglas Adams and Christopher Moore—is Tom Robbins, a former journalist who one day “called in well” and never returned to work at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Like Moore, I could probably put any of Robbins books here. Roadside Attraction was his first, followed by Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Still Life with Woodpecker and many others.

10. Shoeless Joe
W.P Kinsella is a baseball writer, and this is the best of his baseball books.

About “Wasting Time”

Book 2 in the Physics, Lust and Greed Series

 Genre: Science Fiction

Date Published: 1st October 2020

When time travelers fail test after test to significantly alter the past, most financial backers abandon the Global Research Consortium leaving veteran traveler Marta Hamilton to administer a vastly scaled-down project. She must protect the past from a greedy future, fend off political meddling, and foil a murder plot originating in a parallel universe. She presides over a conspiracy to hide the truth of her best friend’s death while coping with a confusing and discomforting romantic entanglement involving fellow traveler Marshall Grissom.

Marta, who has by professional necessity always distanced herself from emotional commitment, lapsed by allowing herself the luxury of friendship with Sheila Schuler and a night of wild sex with Marshall. Now, Sheila is probably dead, and—according to a genius physicists’ theory—Marshall soon will be. As she assumes her role as administrator of the time travel program, Marta must choose between the risks of loving someone, or the lonely safety of emotional solitude.

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Amazon: amzn.to/2HF7bgH


$5 Amazon Gift Card and an eBook Copy


About the Author

Mike Murphey is a native of New Mexico and spent almost thirty years as an award-winning newspaper journalist in the Southwest and Pacific Northwest. Following his retirement, he enjoyed a seventeen-year partnership with the late Dave Henderson, all-star Major League outfielder. Their company produced the Oakland A’s and Seattle Mariners adult baseball Fantasy Camps. Wasting Time is his fourth novel. Mike loves fiction, cats, baseball and sailing. He splits his time between Spokane, Washington, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Contact Links

Website: www.mikemurpheybooks.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mike.murphey.author/

Blog: https://www.mikemurpheybooks.com/blog

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mandnmur/

[Guest Post]: Writing “Starfighter Rising” by Daniel Seegmiller

Today on my blog, I’m hosting a science fiction author, Daniel Seegmiller.

Daniel is talking about his debut novel “Starfighter Rising” and the important lessons he’s learned, writing it.

Guest Post

“Hey Babe,” I said to my wife four years ago. “I’m going to write a book called ‘Starfighter’.”

Thus started an adventure which culminated in my self-publishing Starfighter Rising last month, my first novel.

While Starfighter Rising wasn’t the first book I began writing, it was the first book I finished. Like so many authors, I have bits and pieces of many books already written, just waiting to be finished.

With Starfighter Rising, I committed I would finish it no matter how long it took. This is Lesson 1: Commit.

I utterly love the ideation part of writing. I can ride the excitement of initial ideation to 30,000 words for almost any book. It just flows.

Then reality hits.

What comes next? How do I make this into a complete story?

My first attempt at novel writing was a fantasy novel. I woke up with a vivid image in my mind—the full moon shining through the trees upon a woodsman, an ethereal king poised to strike the killing blow above him. That morning, I took a half day off work and rewrote that scene until I was satisfied. Full of passion for the story, I kept writing until I hit 30,000 words. The reality of “oh my goodness, how many words am I planning to write for this book?” set in, and I stopped. I tried to start again multiple times, but the weight of the work to be done was too heavy.

Then Starfighter Rising struck me. Learning from my past experience, I planned in advance. I worked out details. I crafted plots. I thought through my characters.

Once again, right around 30,000 words, I got stuck. Good thing I had committed.

Lesson 2: Write 500 words every day. I realized I couldn’t consistently fit 2,000 words into every day. But if I compiled enough 500 word days, I was guaranteed to have a novel someday. Then I learned this: consistency breeds the compound effect. As momentum built, I averaged more and more words per day until I pounded out more than 12,000 in a few days. And boom—Starfighter Rising was done.

Lesson 3: Storyboard. I write 10 times faster if I slow down and storyboard first. I divide a piece of paper into a 3 x 4 grid of boxes and fill in the boxes with chronological scene sketches. My storyboard lets my focus on writing rather than creating.

Lesson 4: Find something external that inspires your book. For Starfighter Rising, a song by my brother-in-law’s old band painted the story for me. I listened to that song hundreds of times, closing my eyes and envisioning the emotion, the action, the feeling. I turned to that song every time I needed a boost of inspiration. Starfighter Rising’s climatic scene maps directly to the song’s final verses. I have many more stories to write, and all of these are connected to something external—something that keeps the inspiration fresh.

About the Book

Genre: Science Fiction

Date Published:  17th September 2020 

The enemy wanted him. The galaxy needed him.

Sixty years ago Nolvarics nearly conquered the solar system. They were defeated by starfighters.

Konran dreamed of becoming a starfighter, but he blew his one shot five years ago. Now his life is stuck in neutral as a glorified rock hauler.

He didn’t expect to find Nolvarics lurking within the solar system. They didn’t expect him to survive the confrontation.

Now all eyes are on Konran as he is plunged into a whirlwind of space battles, peril, and conspiracy. The Nolvarics will stop at nothing to catch him, dead or alive.

Can Konran rise up and claim his destiny, or will the galaxy fall?

About the Author

Daniel Seegmiller grew up loving Star Wars, Mech Warriors, and all things sports. He started out as an English major before switching to his other love, science. He has an MS in mechanical engineering and has worked on everything from biomechanics, to machine learning, to defense technology. 

Daniel loves dreaming up awesome adventures…like, literally, he wakes up in the middle of the night with the best ideas. Most of the stories he writes are for his kids. Starfighter Rising is his debut novel.

He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife and three squirrelly children.  

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[Guest Post]: 10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Newark Minutemen by Leslie K. Barry, the author of “Newark Minutemen”

A couple of days ago, I featured this amazing author and her historical fiction “Newark Minutemen” on my blog. Today, Leslie is talking about her new release and ten things readers didn’t know about it.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Newark Minutemen”

by Leslie K. Barry

  1. The cadence of Chapter 1 in Newark Minutemen is modelled after the greatest opening of all movies, “Inglorious Bastards.” Young Yael lies hiding in his father’s boat with nail-biting suspense as German American Nazis threaten.


2. The hero Yael Newman is based on newsman John Metcalfe and his FBI brother Jim. The details of the American-German Nazi Bund were adapted from John’s real life diaries. The brothers went undercover in 1937 for the Chicago Daily Times for six months, went through Storm Trooper initiation, brushed shoulders with the inner circle and then published a 14 day series for the paper that cost them machine gun attacks on their lives.

3. Ancestry.com was an invaluable resource for building the timeline and character details of several characters.

4. The boxing fight scene between Joe Lewis vs Max Schmeling at Yankee Stadium, NY, was a symbolic fight of the times. While Schmeling was Hitler’s pride, Joe represented the fight against discrimination. Joe’s victory is symbolic for the Newark Minutemen.

5. The use of Yiddish, German and 1930 idioms add authenticity to maximize the connections to characters and transport the reader back in time.

6. In the 1930s, during the Great Depression, the balance of powers in the country were polarized and opened up many questions about democracy. You were either a Fascist or a Communist. The Newark Minutemen served as resistance group against the extreme right.

WATCH i23news interview: https://youtu.be/eFp9FDxv-yE

7. During the timing of Newark Minutemen, the FBI in the 1930s was just beginning to formalize. J. Edgar Hoover was at the helm and had begun a fingerprinting program. But their power was still being defined. Some government officials tapped the mafia for help in stopping extremist activities. READ NJ.com


8. Heroine Krista Brecht is based on real life Nineteen-year old Helen Vooros who testified in front of the House Committee Investigating Un-American Activities that the Bund Youth movement and the Nazi camps in America used intensive efforts to convert young German-Americans and were raping young girls.

9. Crusaders Radio-personality Walter Winchell and newswomen Dorothy Thompson are featured in Newark Minutemen to add media perspective to the story.


10. The 1939 movie “Confessions of a Nazi Spy” was the first anti-Nazi film. It features the same backdrop and some characters of Newark Minutemen and shows how much America knew about the intentions of Nazi Germany.

About the Book

Genre: Historical Fiction

Date Published: 6th October 2020

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

Based on a true story about fighting fascism in 1930s New Jersey, Newark Minutemen tells an unforgettable tale about forbidden love, intrigue and a courageous man’s search for avenge….

During the Great Depression, Jewish boxer Yael Newman meets Krista Brecht, daughter of the German-American Nazi high command. When his affections turn real, his friends warn him against crossing the line. When Krista leaves for American Nazi summer camp in Long Island, New York, he swears to rescue her. But his mission becomes much more when he’s recruited into the Newark Minutemen by the Jewish mob and FBI to go undercover and fight the American Nazis who are taking over America.

Newark Minutemen Optioned first film


About the Author

Amazon best-selling author, Leslie K. Barry is most recently a screenwriter, author, and executive producer. Her previous professional work includes executive positions with major entertainment companies including Turner Broadcasting, Hasbro/Parker Brothers, Mattel, and Mindscape Video Games. Other areas of business include executive for the first e-shopping platform called eShop and marketing for Lotus Development, the US Post Office, and AOL. She was an Alpha Sigma Tau at JMU (James Madison University) in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley and attended a grad program at Harvard. She has spent the last twenty-five years with her husband, Doug Barry, in Tiburon, CA raising their four kids, Zachary, Brittany, Shaya, and Jackson, and their dog, Kona. On the side, she’s devoted to genealogy where she has uncovered many ideas for developing untold stories that help us appreciate the context of history, preserve lessons of the past, and honor memories through family storybooks. For fun, she likes to travel, ski in Sun Valley, Idaho, play tennis, and visit her family in Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina, where she most enjoys Maryland hard crabs and hush puppies, Ledo’s pizza, and chocolate horns.

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[Book Blitz]: Death on the Danube by Steven M. Moore

Esther Brookstone Art Detective Series, Book 3

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Date Published: September 2020

Publisher: Carrick Publishing

Esther Brookstone, ex-MI6 agent in East Berlin in the Cold War and ex-Scotland Yard Inspector in the Art and Antiques Division, is on her honeymoon with Interpol agent Bastiann van Coevorden. Their idyllic cruise down the Danube is interrupted when a reclusive and mysterious passenger is murdered. Why was the victim alone on that riverboat filled with couples, in a stateroom by himself? And who killed him? Esther and Bastiann were often called Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot by wags at the Yard, and this addition to the series might remind readers of Christie’s Death on the Nile and Murder on the Orient Express, but this mystery/thriller is very much a story set in the twenty-first century. So tour the Danube with Esther and Bastiann…and enjoy the ride!

Praise for Death on the Danube:

“Death on the Danube is the third book in the Esther Brookstone Art Detective Series by Steven M. Moore, and it is a wonderful blend of mystery and murder; a story that will be loved by fans of sleuth novels. Esther Brookstone served in East Berlin during the Cold War as an MI6 agent and she has also been a Scotland Yard Inspector. She is on honeymoon with her husband, Bastiann van Coevorden, an Interpol agent. On the Danube, they are alerted to the murder of a mysterious passenger. He occupied the stateroom by himself on a riverboat filled with couples. Who was this man and why would anyone murder him? What follows is an exciting ride to uncover the killer and the motive behind the murder.

I didn’t read the first two books in this series, but Death on the Danube is a thrill ride, a suspenseful story that can be read as a standalone novel. The plot is cleverly written, and it twists as the mystery deepens. It is unpredictable and fun and I was eager to discover who the victim of the murder was, find out why he was murdered, and find out who the killer was. The author doesn’t make it easy for readers, and I enjoyed the twists introduced into the story to sustain the interest of the reader and keep them guessing and turning the pages. Steven M. Moore is a master storyteller who creates characters with depth and thrusts them into complex situations. I loved the way the relationship between Esther and Bastiann is written, the great pacing, and the wonderful writing.”—Gobi Jane, in her Readers’ Favorite 5-star review.

Other Books in the Esther Brookstone Art Detective Series:

Esther Brookstone Art Detective Series, Book 1

Publisher: Penmore Press

A Neo-Nazi conspiracy threatens Europe . . .

Esther Brookstone’s life is at a crossroads. A Scotland Yard inspector who specializes in stolen art, she’s reluctantly considering retirement. A three-time widow, she can’t quite decide whether paramour and colleague Interpol Agent Bastiann van Coevorden should be husband number four. Decisions are put on hold while she and Bastiann set out to thwart a neo-Nazi conspiracy financed in part by artworks stolen during World War II. Among the stolen art is the masterpiece “An Angel with Titus’ Features,” a work Esther obsesses about recovering.

The case sends the intrepid pair on an international hunt spanning several European countries and the Amazon jungle. Evading capture and thwarting death, Esther and Bastiann prove time and again that adrenaline-spiked adventures aren’t just for the young.

Esther Brookstone Art Detective Series, Book 2

Publisher: Penmore Press

Esther Brookstone is at it again, this time obsessing about the life and times of St. John the Divine, all triggered by the discovery of a parchment hidden in the frame of a Botticelli painting that she authenticates. As in Rembrandt’s Angel, she soon gets into trouble, and her paramour, Interpol agent Bastiann van Coevorden, again comes to her aid. A race to find the saint’s tomb results, because Esther has competition. Three centuries of action involving the saint, the Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli, and Esther and Bastiann, make this sequel a book of mystery, thrills, and suspense that will keep readers guessing.

A deftly crafted and consistently riveting read from beginning to end. Rembrandt’s Angel showcases author Steven Moore’s genuine flair for originality and his impressive mastery of the Mystery/Suspense genre.

—Midwest Book Review

About the Author

Steven M. Moore was born in California and has lived in various parts of the US and Colombia, South America. He always wanted to be a storyteller but postponed that dream to work in academia and R&D as a physicist. His travels around Europe, South America, and the US, for work or pleasure, taught him a lot about the human condition and our wonderful human diversity, a learning process that started during his childhood in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

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Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/death-on-the-danube

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[Release Blitz]: Newark Minutemen by Leslie K. Barry

Genre: Historical Fiction

Date Published: 6th October 2020

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

Based on a true story about fighting fascism in 1930s New Jersey, Newark Minutemen tells an unforgettable tale about forbidden love, intrigue and a courageous man’s search for avenge….

During the Great Depression, Jewish boxer Yael Newman meets Krista Brecht, daughter of the German-American Nazi high command. When his affections turn real, his friends warn him against crossing the line. When Krista leaves for American Nazi summer camp in Long Island, New York, he swears to rescue her. But his mission becomes much more when he’s recruited into the Newark Minutemen by the Jewish mob and FBI to go undercover and fight the American Nazis who are taking over America.

Newark Minutemen Optioned first film




All my life, my mom and her family told us stories about growing up in Newark, NJ through the Depression and War years. We indulged them so many times that the images felt familiar yet foreign at the same time. But it wasn’t until her ninetieth birthday reunion, that the stories became vivid, especially one in particular.

At the party, I gulped as she told the story about her older brother Harry, a prize-fighting boxer. I had long read the newspaper article and seen the picture of my uncle winning the Golden Glove at Madison Square Garden in 1936. But the questions she answered that night about him beating up Nazis who were taking over America during the Depression caught me off guard. The family exchanged tales about the secret militia he belonged to, which had been set up between the FBI and the Jewish mob to stop the rise of fascism. She called my Uncle Harry a Newark Minuteman and said all the boxers were Minutemen fighting under the Jewish Mob Boss Longie Zwillman. For the first time, I really listened. Hitler’s party in America? During the Depression? Before World War II? My first reaction was the story could not have been true. We had never learned about this in school.

I was determined to understand. I spent hours and hours asking her to describe her life during this time—her brothers, the house, where they bought food, how they took out the trash, how they talked to relatives overseas. I transported myself back to the Great Depression, well before World War II, to understand who, what and why. My mom remembered everything, some things like it was yesterday, and others took clearing the cobwebs. She laughed, she cried, and she sighed through the months we spent unpacking the story. She talked about her brothers running numbers for Longie in his hideout behind the candy store, how Longie was adored like a Robin Hood, and how she wrote up the power of attorney for his trial. She explained that during the Depression, the mob took care of the neighborhood when the government couldn’t. I started to unpuzzle the role of the mob, their relationship with the FBI, and the unorthodox systems of rules and power propping up America during this teetering decade.

Reconnecting her big family brought forward a whole new life for my mom. They were part of a generation that gave up everything to come to America. She was part of a family that was connected to horrors, escaped concentration camps, and worked for the Underground. They were survivors and fighters. So it made perfect sense that the family was also a part of saving America from the same threats. Around the same time, I reconnected with my oldest cousin, Bruce Levine, who is very close to my mom. He became fascinated with the family stories and started researching with me. He found videos about President’s Day in 1939 at Madison Square Garden when the Nazi leader, Führer Fritz Kuhn, filled the Garden with his Nazi uniformed soldiers and twenty-five thousand supporters. Kuhn called out to take over the country and Make America Great. American-Nazis marched and saluted Heil Hitler while 200,000 protested outside. It was then we put the pieces together. My uncle was part of the FBI-mob militia that went out and infiltrated the rising Party that was being ignored by others.

We visited my mom’s family. We corroborated her story. Her four brothers worked with Longie Zwillman. One cousin, Pauline Levine, lived next door to the Mob’s hideout, which was behind the candy shop. Pauline’s father Irving was Longie Zwillman’s barber. She told me how Longie helped relatives and others escape from Europe. We also learned about the Nazi youth camps set up across America to train and indoctrinate German youth and worse. My mom went to Weequahic High School, along with many of the Jews from the area. My cousin, Bruce, went there as well and reached out on their alumnae site to gather stories about the Newark Minutemen. We received many anecdotes.

The story pulled me into a time in our country that has been forgotten. This is NOT another WWII Nazi story, nor a dystopian story where Hitler wins. This is a real-life, forgotten, fictionalized American story about waking up to the enemy sitting on our doorstep. Wherever possible, I have included factual information based on historical first-hand sources, including FBI and Senate hearing documents, interviews, testimonies, archives, diaries, timelines, newsreels, radio announcements, and news articles. However, because of the death of so many characters by the time the story was captured, the overshadowing of the horrors of the second World War and the secretive nature between the mob and the FBI, I have constructed scenes and dialogue where missing pieces arise or where it makes sense to combine characters. I have compressed events to best work for a novel and have dramatized events that were abridged accounts. But much of Newark Minutemen is true.

Führer Fritz Kuhn was the American Führer, the self-professed American Hitler. He managed and unified tens of thousands of American-Nazi Bund members into hundreds of cells and managed twenty-five Nazi youth camps across the U.S. These camps indoctrinated youth with Nazi ideology, culture, and military training. Kuhn’s six-company corporation generated millions. He exploited U.S. resources like the NRA and National Guard to equip his army with guns and training. The FBI tracked millions of dollars in leading banks to Germany, which proved ties between the American Bund and German Nazis. Many of the Nazi Americans became leaders for the German Nazis. Many Germans tied to Camp Siegfried were later tried and found guilty for espionage. Newark Minutemen went to war.

The protagonist, Yael, embodies John C. Metcalfe, Chicago Times undercover reporter who became a Nazi Stormtrooper to uncover the threat of Nazism in America, testified for the Senate hearings and FBI, and consulted on Confessions of a Nazi Spy movie. I had the pleasure of speaking with his son and reading John’s undercover diaries. The heroine, Krista, embodies Helen Vooros, who testified for the Senate hearings and FBI that she was raped in American Hitler Youth camps. In America, Jews were bullied, even hung with swastikas carved into their chests.

The story of Newark Minutemen is a real-life story that is relevant today—racism that embraces dehumanizing language (such as immigrants infesting our country, politicians called animals), normalizes militant Neo-Nazis, and ignores rumors about ISIS cells buried in our soil. Fascism is on the rise globally, and our ground is fertile for its rise. The warning signals include the blurring between real and fake news, the dangers of surveillance, resistance to cede power after losing elections, offering nationalism as a solution to inequality and poverty, and the simmering xenophobia. Newark Minutemen is a message about fighting the greatest threat to freedom of all—complacency.

NEWARKMINUTEMEN.COM provides information, the speeches from 1939 President’s Day, full FBI documents, confiscated videos, photos, diaries, links, and more.

About the Author

Amazon best-selling author, Leslie K. Barry is most recently a screenwriter, author, and executive producer. Her previous professional work includes executive positions with major entertainment companies including Turner Broadcasting, Hasbro/Parker Brothers, Mattel, and Mindscape Video Games. Other areas of business include executive for the first e-shopping platform called eShop and marketing for Lotus Development, the US Post Office, and AOL. She was an Alpha Sigma Tau at JMU (James Madison University) in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley and attended a grad program at Harvard. She has spent the last twenty-five years with her husband, Doug Barry, in Tiburon, CA raising their four kids, Zachary, Brittany, Shaya, and Jackson, and their dog, Kona. On the side, she’s devoted to genealogy where she has uncovered many ideas for developing untold stories that help us appreciate the context of history, preserve lessons of the past, and honor memories through family storybooks. For fun, she likes to travel, ski in Sun Valley, Idaho, play tennis, and visit her family in Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina, where she most enjoys Maryland hard crabs and hush puppies, Ledo’s pizza, and chocolate horns.

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