Poetry Contest

I don’t write poetry, however, I do care about the readers of my blog and I know a few poets amongst them. So I decided to share Kayla’s post here, on my page:))) I hope it will be useful for those bloggers who would like to showcase their poetic works.


Are you a poet? Do you enjoy writing poems until your heart is sore or until it soars?

Well, I happen to LOVE reading poetry so I would like to hold a poetry contest! Read the rules and prizes below!


  • To be eligible for this competition you must be subscribed to my page (i.e. following and receiving emails.) Not subscribed yet? No worries! Go to my home screen and click FOLLOW (I’ll receive a notification when you do :D)
  • Leave your poem or a link to your chosen poem in the comments below.
  • I will be using a point system to chose the winner:
    • You will receive 5 points automatically for subscribing (everyone must subscribe to be eligible)
    • You will receive another 2 points for sharing the contest on your your own blog and linking back
    • Your poem will be rated on a 1-10 scale based on creativity…

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The Brotherhood of the World Award

   First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to @kaylaannauthor for nominating me for The Brotherhood of the World Award.  Kayla is new to the world of blogging (as well as I am), but her blog is engaging and already full of useful writing tips. I recommend you, guys, to check it out 🙂

 About the Award

I don’t know much about the award, all I know is that it is an award given to bloggers by bloggers.  This award is a way for bloggers to highlight their fellow-bloggers and discover more about them and the blogging process.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the questions sent to you.
  3. Nominate around ten bloggers.
  4. Create your set of questions for your nominees.
  5. List the rules and display the Brotherhood Of The World logo in your post (I put the logo on the top of this post).

Questions for Me:

  1. What do you primarily blog about?

My blog primarily consists of excerpts from my works, but also some news, interviews, blurbs, etc.  The main reason I’ve started it was to showcase my writing to the bigger audience. Such media like Facebook or Twitter has its limits. For example, messages in Twitter are limited to the certain wordcount.  Nobody would read a 2,000-word excerpt from a novella on Facebook, but they would do here, on the blog. For me, blogging is another great tool for promoting my writing and seeking feedback.

  1. What is your favorite movie adaptation from a book?

There are lots of them. These are only a few which I can recall straight away:“Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown, “The White Queen” by Philippa Gregory, “Wolf Hall”by  Hilary Mantel, “The Pillars of the Earth”by Ken Follett, “SS-GB” by Len Deighton,  and of course, the epic “The Lord of the Rings”by J. R. R. Tolkien.

In general, I love history and everything history-related, and I like historical fiction (books and films) which reflects the certain period of history in all details.

  1. What are your ultimate aspirations?

First of all, to get at least one of my books published. Also, it would be cool to create bigger audience of readers.

  1. What advice would you give to new bloggers?

Don’t stop! Even if you haven’t written anything for a long time. Blogging is a very time-consuming enterprise. When I started my blog, I’ve promised myself to write a post at least once a month. However apart from the blog, I also need to look after my Facebook page and, the main thing, to write my stories. So sometimes, I can post two articles per months, but some months I don’t post anything. I realised that the main things for blogging are consistency, patience, and determination. It’s not that easy to get a few hundreds followers for your blog (like for a Facebook page, for example), but even these couple of dozens I have worth hundreds 🙂

  1. What do you consider success when blogging?

I think, first of all, your own feelings about it. How do you feel about your blog? Do you want to come back to it more often? Do you see it as a tool for your professional development and promotion as an author? Does it help you to communicate with other fellow-bloggers/writers? The amount of followers is also important, especially if you want to build a career in it. It’s also an indicator of your content and how engaging and interesting it is for your followers.

My Nominees:

I would like to nominate the following authors:










They all have wonderful blogs and invest lots of time and efforts into them.

Questions for my Nominees:

  1. What is the main purpose of your blog? Do you blog for a leaving, just for fun, use it as a tool to promote your writing, business, etc.?
  2. What are your favourite topics/genres of blogs and why?
  3. Do you have any topics you would never blog/write about? Do you have any taboos?
  4. What is your understanding of freedom of creativity? How do you express it in your blogs?
  5. In your opinion, should censorship apply to blogging/creative writing? If yes, who should be the censors and what criteria should they use to assess writing?