[Book Review] Insights From Professionals by Antoine Airoldi

I fell very grateful for the opportunity to read and review Antoine’s book long before its official release date. I must admit I don’t read non-fiction very often, apart from art – or history-related works. However, it seems like Antoine’s book arrived just in time to help me to think over and evaluate my own creative writing process.

Every person who’s trying to find his/her passion in life and turn this passion in something creative (and even financially successful) has a time when they feel lost. The passion may become a heavy burden, and he/she is almost ready to give up and come back to a pretty standard, “nine till five” everyday routine. That’s what I feel from time to time when I experience writer’s block or another rejection from publishers/agents.

  “Insights from Professionals” is a collection of interviews with eleven creative people—from artists and copywriters to start-up entrepreneurs and music fest’s promoters. Every interviewee shares his/her way to success, their raises and falls, their inspiration and, the main thing, their practical tips.

Reading this work, I realized I’m not alone in my procrastination and wish to give up writing. Success is impossible without trying and making mistakes, without harsh criticism (sometimes even from friends and relatives), and piles of rejection letters.

For me as a writer, the interviews with Raymond Duke and Alicia Cook became the most valuable, as they described their ways to writing/copywriting and gave some useful advice which I’ll definitely take on board.

This book shows that there is no straight, easy, smooth road to success. There is no scheme or scenario to follow to become a successful professional. There is just a process of learning, ideally from other professionals, but most of all, from your own failures.

I recommend “Insights from Professionals” to everybody who’s looking not only for inspiration, but also for practical advice that works!

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