[Book Tour. Excerpt]: Speakeasy by A. M. Dunnewin

I featured this amazing novella a few weeks ago as a part of the book’s blitz. Now, you can read an excerpt. 


Speakeasy Cover



Genre: Suspense Thriller / Historical

Date Published: 21 December 2011

Publisher:  Dark Hour Press, LLC

The novella is centered on Eddie Durante, owner of a speakeasy who’s supported by his mobster uncle—the boss of the Durante family. Eddie is a young widower after his family’s rival, the Caprice family, murdered his wife over a territory dispute. After devising a plan that retaliated against four of the rivaling capos, Eddie is left with the daunting task to try and move on. That is, until he’s notified that the Caprices have put a hit man in the speakeasy—and Eddie’s name is on the list. But things take an unexpected turn when Eddie instead starts to find the dead bodies of his relatives, the ones who had helped in the retaliation.

Behind the backdrop of jazz music and glistening flappers, murder after murder begins to unravel as revenge takes center stage, and Eddie soon learns that some secrets can’t be taken to the grave.






About the author


Author Photo

A. M. Dunnewin grew up with a taste for mysteries and thrillers, inherited ever so lovingly from her family. An affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association, A. M.’s own stories cover a wide range of genres that tend to take a dark turn when least expected. With a B.A. in Psychology, she’s a gambler of words, obsessed with chai tea, and addicted to books – everything from classical literature to graphic novels. Other hobbies include art, history, music, equestrianism, and a good classic film. She currently dwells in Northern California.


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Website:  www.amdunnewin.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/A.M.Dunnewin

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/amdunnewin

Blog:  www.amdunnewin.com

Goodreads:  www.goodreads.com/author/show/540598.A_M_Dunnewin

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/amdunnewin/boards/

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/amdunnewin 


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Once the doors were closed, Sal didn’t take long to get right to the point. “They know it was you, Eddie.”

The words slapped him across the face, but Eddie didn’t respond.

“That you were the one who came up with the idea,” Sal continued. “They’re out for

retaliation, and it’s rumored that they’ve sent a torpedo into this juice joint of yours. That’s part of the reason why I’m not being too open with the information. Afraid of who might be listening.”

A hit man in his speakeasy. Eddie stared out the windshield, watching Sal begin to light a cigarette out of the corner of his eye. “I had a lot of ideas,” he remarked hoarsely, fear and dread subtly mixing into his thoughts.

“Only took one,” Sal responded as he lit the cigarette. He silently offered one to Eddie, who refused with a shake of his head. “Sorry, kid,” Sal explained as he took a puff. “After what they did to your wife, I wouldn’t have blamed ya.”

Eddie remained silent, his eyes drifting to the bootleggers who were moving the last of the crates. No wonder they weren’t laying their eyes on him. He was a dead target.

Sal took another drag on his cigarette, taking a moment for himself. “Don’t worry,

though,” he finally remarked. “Your family’s got your back. My brother-in-law, your dear uncle, has requested that Joe stay by your side until we can square away if there’s a torpedo and who it is.”

“What?” Eddie balked, shattering his calm exterior.

“It’s temporary,” Sal cooed, trying to calm the young man down. “He’s just some extra protection.”

Eddie gawked, unable to believe that they’d send Joe, of all people, to protect him. “He’s crazy,” was all Eddie could summarize when it came to his cousin.

“He’s happy,” Sal tried to smooth over.

“Trigger happy,” Eddie corrected.

Sal shrugged his shoulders. “He gets the job done. And when the boss’ favorite nephew needs protection, the boss will only send the very best.”

“I don’t need protection,” Eddie fought back, trying not to raise his voice to the lunacy.

“And even if I did, I have Anthony and Marcus in there—”

“Little orphan Anthony and Baby Marcus?” Sal choked, half laughing, half sputtering on the cigarette smoke. “Marcus is too naive, and Anthony,” but Sal had to chuckle first before he could continue. “Well, ya better just pray your killer isn’t a female.”

“Thanks for warning me,” Eddie begrudgingly admitted as he pulled the door handle…


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[Release Blitz]: Zon by Maureen A. Miller





(Can be read as a stand alone)

 Genre: Young Adult/Science Fiction/Adventure

Date Published:June 22, 2020

From USA TODAY bestselling author, Maureen A. Miller, comes this young adult cosmic adventure.

With a father from the planet, Ziratak, and a mother from Earth, Zon’s challenges are galactic. Zon doesn’t possess superpowers, though. If anything, he’s a bit of a klutz.

In Ziratakian folklore, the tale of the Temple of the Monarch has been passed down for generations. As legend has it, a series of miniature globes lead to the temple’s gate.

Folklore…nothing more.

Except, Zon knows of a cave with small globes in it. And with one clumsy mishap, he triggers the gate–opening a portal to other worlds.

A trip through this vortex transports him to Earth, where the first human he encounters is a young woman with challenges of her own.

This is a brand new saga, and a new generation. There is no need to read the BEYOND series.However, for readers of the series, you will enjoy this continuation of the epic science fiction adventure.






About the author 




USA TODAY bestselling author, Maureen A. Miller worked in the software industry for fifteen years. She crawled around plant floors in a hard hat and safety glasses hooking up computers to behemoth manufacturing machines. The job required extensive travel. The best form of escapism during those lengthy airport layovers became writing.

Maureen’s first novel, WIDOW’S TALE, earned her a Golden Heart nomination in Romantic Suspense. After that she became hooked to the genre. In fact, she was so hooked she is the founder of the JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE website.

Recently, Maureen branched out into the Young Adult Science Fiction market with the popular BEYOND Series. To her it was still Romantic Suspense…just on another planet!

Find more about Maureen at www.maureenamiller.com 



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[Book Blitz]: Slideways by Jeffrey Grode





A Brothers of the Multiverse Novel, Book 1 

Genre: Science Fiction, YA Sci-fi

An eventful and immersive inter-dimensional romp.—Kirkus Reviews

A troubled home, a family secret, and a technological breakthrough turn a teen’s world Slideways.

If fifteen-year-old Ben believes his life is forever shattered after his brother’s accident, he is about to be amazed. After Ben’s grandfather is mysteriously kidnapped, Ben stumbles upon his grandfather’s scientific discovery – a portal to a parallel universe and a world called Terra.

As Ben searches for his grandfather, dueling security agencies from both worlds seek to confiscate the portal device and control the passage between worlds. The chase is on, but the danger mounts when new adversaries threaten Earth, Terra, and the very nature of the universe.

Though ruthless enemies hunt Ben, he finds new friends and relationships he never thought possible. Ben ultimately commits to his beliefs in a stunning battle of wits, technology, and power.



Other Books in the Brothers of the Multiverse Series:




A Brothers of the Multiverse Novel, Book 2

A teenager, his grandfather, and a resurrected robot, slip the bonds of time to save the world.

Sixteen-year-old Ben’s confidence and family life have never been better since meeting Jack, his doppel-brother from Terra, a planet in a parallel universe.

Ben’s grandfather, Patrick, races the clock to stop an enemy drone from opening a portal between Earth and Erde. During his quest, he rebuilds a damaged robot and unlocks the mystery of time travel. The stakes have never been higher as secrets turn past friends into foes, and brothers into allies.

Ben borrows Patrick’s time-medallion, attempts to help Jack with a personal crisis on Terra, and is shocked by what he finds. Ben accepts help from the robot, Amorphous, and dares to change the past once more. Despite the risk of unintended consequences, Ben rides the twisting timelines to save his friends, family, and the future of his world.


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A Brothers of the Multiverse Novel, Book 3

A mysterious seer, Mélange, sends seventeen-year-old Flora a telepathic warning—beware the Techno-Mage. Before Flora unravels the message, Albert, her dad’s arch-nemesis, kidnaps her father on Terra. She and her brother, Zac, vow to save him. Seeking help, they travel back through time to Earth and find Ben, his girlfriend Lori, and the trusted robot Amorphous.

During the quest, the companions are granted new powers to bend minds and the laws of science. The trail leads them through the multiverse, the afterlife, and beyond. Zac sees Mélange in a vision and is swept away in a riptide of emotion. Mélange tells him to find her on the brightest light in the night sky. The lunar tide pulls Zac, his friends, and foes to the Moon. They fight a desperate battle with Albert for life, power, conquest, and love.


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Slideways Blitz



About the author 


Slideways Author Jeffrey Grode

Jeff Grode grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania, currently resides on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, and knows his way around a kayak, horses, and a good story. A lifelong fan of reading science fiction, fantasy, and spy novels, he found a love for creative writing.

Science fiction is the backdrop for his stories, and he focuses upon the interaction and inherent conflict between friends, family, and foes in a world undergoing fast technological change.



 Contact Links

Website: https://jeffgrode.wordpress.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeffGrode

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorjeffgrode/

Promo Link: http://bookbuzz.net/blog/science-fiction-slideways/ 


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[Book Blitz]: VanWest the Past by Kenneth Thomas



VanWest The Past



Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Time Travel

Date Published: May 2020


VanWest The Past is the first book in the VanWest series, about an Enforcer who lives in a dystopian Earth of the year 3000 and works for an authoritarian ruler called the Universal Council. Tasked with travelling through time to stop a renegade sect, that seeks to change Earth’s past, he comes to learn about his dark origins and his unique ability.

Falling in love with the daughter of its leader, Mad Newton, he returns to the present to face a difficult choice, whether or not to save her. And be part of the New Beginning.


Coming Soon 



VanWest The Present


In Van West The Present, he must confront his past, taking him on a new mission to Mars that brings him face-to-face with the man who created him. To be released soon.



VanWest The Past available now white background



About the author 


VanWest The Past Author Kenneth Thomas

Kenneth Thomas is a British author from Windsor, home of Windsor Castle. He used to live in Los Angeles where he worked for BBC News and MGM Studios, but is currently living and working in the Netherlands.

He is currently writing book 2 and 3 of the VanWest Series (The Past, The Present and The Future).

Contact Links 

Website: https://vanwestbooks.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VanWestbooks

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VanWestbooks/

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/vanwestbooks

Promo Link: http://bookbuzz.net/blog/science-fiction-vanwest-the-past/ 


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[Book Tour. Guest Post]: Tier Zero, Vol I of the Knolan Cycle by D.B. Sayers




At the Corner of Character and Plot

D.B. Sayers

Character-driven Versus Plot-driven Stories

You will often hear authors differentiate between character and plot-driven stories, not the least because most tend to gravitate naturally to one or the other. Most authors know which is their forté because it’s what they tend to focus on naturally in their writing. And as with being left or right-handed, neither is wrong, but both have consequences.
Authors favoring character-driven stories will tell the same story differently than authors focusing on plot. Character-focused authors see the story as being about how the characters are shaped by the events, rather than the events themselves. Their thoughts, feelings and growth or lack thereof. Authors favoring plot-driven stories focus on the action, drizzling snippets of the character’s thoughts almost as an entr’acte between significant events. Another way of looking at the difference is that plot-focused authors think of their stories as a continuum of interrelated happenings, while character-focused authors tend to think of their stories as a continuum of interrelated thoughts.

Finding Art that Fits

I mentioned earlier that there’s nothing inherently wrong with either a character or a plot-driven story. It’s mostly a matter of taste, though personally I think authors are at their best when they weave an elegant balance of character, plot, and conflict together into their story arc. But given our individual tastes, how do we as readers find more of what we’re looking for and less of what we don’t? Just a couple thoughts follow.

As fond as I am of evocative covers, as both an author and reader, I’m also painfully aware of the difficulty of encapsulating eighty thousand words in one cover. It’s probably worth the time to go deeper. Yes, yes, I know. We’ve all heard the aphorism, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. But how many of us have been guilty of deciding based purely on the cover before reading a word? Go just a little deeper and read the book description and if you’re on Amazon, the “look inside” feature. In a bookstore, take the time to read the first few pages.
Usually, if the book description doesn’t tip us off, the first few pages will. Most of us know  whether we prefer a character-driven, plot-driven, or balanced story. In today’s publishing environment, availability is not the problem. Take the time to choose the art that fits your taste and enjoy. That’s what art is for, after all and all of us are richer for it.



Tier Zero_KindleCvr


The Knolan Cycle, Book 1
Genre: Science Fiction (First Contact)/Science Fiction (Romance)/Science Fiction (Military)
Date Published: November 26, 2019
Publisher: PhoenixPhyre

They’re already here, and no one knows about it…yet.


Two bedrock assumptions seem to find their way into almost all science fiction tales of first contact between Earth and a hypothetical alien race. The first is that we will necessarily know when it happens and the second is that alien motives will likely be malevolent. In Tier Zero, Vol. I of The Knolan Cycle, first contact occurred over thirty years ago and no one on Earth…not even SETI…has a clue it has happened.

Martin Tellus is a graduate student at UCLA. His past is riddled with mystery, including a lifelong recurring dream he cannot explain. And just as a volcano’s first discharges of gas and magma often signal a coming eruption, Marty’s dreams signal a transformative change. The transformation arrives in the form of a “chance” meeting with Lysia in philosophy class. Their connection is instantaneous.

A seductive Asian woman with an untraceable accent, Lysia sticks to Marty’s thoughts. During a casual conversation after their next class, Lysia offers to teach Marty “eastern” philosophy. But to Marty’s surprise, her teachings open a mind-bridge between them, accompanied by an intense physical connection. And Marty’s progress doesn’t end with the connection he and Lysia share. As her teachings progress, he discovers new powers, at once exhilarating and disquieting. Not for the first time, he wonders,  who is Lysia really?

Marty’s questions have answers, but Lysia isn’t telling. At least not yet. The truth is she’s a Seeker and Waykeeper of Knola, in a nearby arm of our common galaxy. She’s been waiting for Marty’s awakening, specifically to be on hand to mentor him in the Way. As Marty’s powers grow with Lysia’s teachings, she realizes he’s unique in ways not even the Oracle, to whom Lysia answers foresaw.

Lysia finds Marty’s growth in the Way at once inspiring and unnerving. Sharing her concerns with her superiors back on Knola, she precipitates a fateful decision that will change Marty’s life and alter the history of both Earth and the Knolan Concordant. Tier Zero begins Marty’s perilous journey to a destiny beyond his—or anyone’s—imaginings.

Tier Zero, Volume I of The Knolan Cycle was published in November 2019. Eryinath-5, Volume II in the series is due out from PhoenixPhyre Publishing in 2021.



About the author 


AuthorPhotoCrop_8.23.17 - Copy

Dirk’s path to authorship wasn’t quite an accident, but almost. It’s not that he didn’t write. He did. But through two previous careers, first as a Marine officer and subsequently as a corporate trainer, Dirk started way more stories than he finished.” But in the backwash of the 2008 financial meltdown, his employer filed for Chapter 11. Cordially invited to leave and not return, Dirk found himself out of work and excuses.
Since then, Dirk has published West of Tomorrow, Best-Case Scenario and a collection of short fiction entitled, Through the Windshield. Works in progress include A Year of Maybes, sequel to Best Case Scenario and Tier Zero, Volume I of the Knolan Cycle now available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle.
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[Book Blitz]: Living Among the Dead by Adena Bernstein Astrowsky


book cover


Genre: Biography/Memoir/History/Nonfiction/Jewish Studies/WWII

Date Published: March 3, 2020

Publisher: Amsterdam Publishers

This is the story of one remarkable woman’s unimaginably horrific journey through the rise of the Nazi regime, the war, and the aftermath. Her story is narrated by her granddaughter and the book is interwoven with beautiful passages of poetry and personal reflection by the survivor, Mania, as she used writing as a medium to deal with the effects of the war. Most Jews did not die in concentration camps. Instead, they were murdered in their lifelong communities, slaughtered by mass killing units, and then buried in pits.

Mania lived in labor camps and witnessed these inconceivable sightings while doing everything within her power to subsist. Although she was the sole survivor of her family, Mania went on to rebuild a new life in a new country, with a new language and new customs, always carrying with her the losses of her family and memories of the brutality she witnessed and lived through. Nearly eighty years post liberation of the Holocaust, we are still witnessing acts of cruelty born out of hatred and discrimination.

Living among the Dead reminds us of the beautiful communities that existed before WWII, the lives lost and those that lived on, and the importance to never forget these stories so that history does not repeat itself.




Living Among the Dead Blitz


About the author



Adena Astrowsky has dedicated her career to helping the most vulnerable of our society. She did this by prosecuting child sexual abuse cases and domestic violence cases within the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. She became the local expert concerning the prosecution of domestic violence related strangulation cases and taught extensively on that subject.
Currently, she handles post-conviction cases on appeal and foreign extradition cases. Adena taught Sunday School at her temple for eight years, and in her last two years she co-taught “Character Development Through the Studies of the Holocaust.” Adena contributes articles to MASK (Mothers Awareness on School-age Kids) Magazine, often writing about children’s safety, drugs, law and order, etc.
Once a month Adena volunteers at a local Scottsdale library with her therapy dog, Charlie, as part of the Tail Waggin’ Tales Program. Adena has also chaired events to raise money for the Emily Center of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Adena’s greatest role, however, is as the mother of three very active children. She, and her husband, Brad, are kept very busy with their respective dance, theater, music, and athletic activities.



Contact Links



Twitter: @adena_astrowsky

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adena_astrowsky/


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