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“A queen of many genres” sounds good to me:)) Thank you Angela for the opportunity to introduce myself and my works to my future readers.

Angela K Parker

Behind The Scenes


L. Salt

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Hello Book Fanatics,

Who’s ready for L. Salt? She’s a queen of many genres and she added us to her busy schedule today.  So prepare yourself for a look ‘Behind The Scenes’ with L. Salt.


Author Interview Questions:

1. What is your Author pen name?  

I usually write under my pen name L. Salt, although my first published short story has appeared in an anthology under my real name.

2. What genre(s) do you write & why?

Most of my works are a mix of different genres. I’ve written a couple of magic realism short stories, a sci-fi/horror story, a speculative thriller/action novella, and a futuristic urban drama novel.

I think I write the same genres I like to read.

For example, I love history and everything history-related; however, I’m probably too lazy to research for a serious historical novel. So I prefer to…

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[Short story] “The Imp’s Chronicles”. An update.

Guess whose name is on the list:)))

Cross fingers , touch wood…2018 has been productive so far. My second short story “The Imp’s Chronicles” has been accepted for FULL METAL HORROR Anthology. It will be published 15th April.

The story is inspired by my visit to Salisbury and Winchester Cathedrals.

You can read an excerpt here: The Imp’s Chronicles (excerpt)





[Short story] “The Iced Asylum”. An update.

2018 has already brought some great news 🎉 🎉🎉 My short story “The Iced Asylum” has been accepted (as a reprint) for publication in “Meet Cute Mag” magazine. The story will appear in their February issue in print and on-line.
Although they haven’t got a Facebook page, you can still have a look on their site/blog (http://meetcutemag.com) and follow them on Twitter (@MeetCuteMag). They are cute, indeed 💝 💝 💝

[Book Review] Insights From Professionals by Antoine Airoldi

I fell very grateful for the opportunity to read and review Antoine’s book long before its official release date. I must admit I don’t read non-fiction very often, apart from art – or history-related works. However, it seems like Antoine’s book arrived just in time to help me to think over and evaluate my own creative writing process.

Every person who’s trying to find his/her passion in life and turn this passion in something creative (and even financially successful) has a time when they feel lost. The passion may become a heavy burden, and he/she is almost ready to give up and come back to a pretty standard, “nine till five” everyday routine. That’s what I feel from time to time when I experience writer’s block or another rejection from publishers/agents.

  “Insights from Professionals” is a collection of interviews with eleven creative people—from artists and copywriters to start-up entrepreneurs and music fest’s promoters. Every interviewee shares his/her way to success, their raises and falls, their inspiration and, the main thing, their practical tips.

Reading this work, I realized I’m not alone in my procrastination and wish to give up writing. Success is impossible without trying and making mistakes, without harsh criticism (sometimes even from friends and relatives), and piles of rejection letters.

For me as a writer, the interviews with Raymond Duke and Alicia Cook became the most valuable, as they described their ways to writing/copywriting and gave some useful advice which I’ll definitely take on board.

This book shows that there is no straight, easy, smooth road to success. There is no scheme or scenario to follow to become a successful professional. There is just a process of learning, ideally from other professionals, but most of all, from your own failures.

I recommend “Insights from Professionals” to everybody who’s looking not only for inspiration, but also for practical advice that works!

Amazon: Insights From Professionals





Poetry Contest

I don’t write poetry, however, I do care about the readers of my blog and I know a few poets amongst them. So I decided to share Kayla’s post here, on my page:))) I hope it will be useful for those bloggers who would like to showcase their poetic works.


Are you a poet? Do you enjoy writing poems until your heart is sore or until it soars?

Well, I happen to LOVE reading poetry so I would like to hold a poetry contest! Read the rules and prizes below!


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  • Leave your poem or a link to your chosen poem in the comments below.
  • I will be using a point system to chose the winner:
    • You will receive 5 points automatically for subscribing (everyone must subscribe to be eligible)
    • You will receive another 2 points for sharing the contest on your your own blog and linking back
    • Your poem will be rated on a 1-10 scale based on creativity…

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The Brotherhood of the World Award

   First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to @kaylaannauthor for nominating me for The Brotherhood of the World Award.  Kayla is new to the world of blogging (as well as I am), but her blog is engaging and already full of useful writing tips. I recommend you, guys, to check it out 🙂

 About the Award

I don’t know much about the award, all I know is that it is an award given to bloggers by bloggers.  This award is a way for bloggers to highlight their fellow-bloggers and discover more about them and the blogging process.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the questions sent to you.
  3. Nominate around ten bloggers.
  4. Create your set of questions for your nominees.
  5. List the rules and display the Brotherhood Of The World logo in your post (I put the logo on the top of this post).

Questions for Me:

  1. What do you primarily blog about?

My blog primarily consists of excerpts from my works, but also some news, interviews, blurbs, etc.  The main reason I’ve started it was to showcase my writing to the bigger audience. Such media like Facebook or Twitter has its limits. For example, messages in Twitter are limited to the certain wordcount.  Nobody would read a 2,000-word excerpt from a novella on Facebook, but they would do here, on the blog. For me, blogging is another great tool for promoting my writing and seeking feedback.

  1. What is your favorite movie adaptation from a book?

There are lots of them. These are only a few which I can recall straight away:“Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown, “The White Queen” by Philippa Gregory, “Wolf Hall”by  Hilary Mantel, “The Pillars of the Earth”by Ken Follett, “SS-GB” by Len Deighton,  and of course, the epic “The Lord of the Rings”by J. R. R. Tolkien.

In general, I love history and everything history-related, and I like historical fiction (books and films) which reflects the certain period of history in all details.

  1. What are your ultimate aspirations?

First of all, to get at least one of my books published. Also, it would be cool to create bigger audience of readers.

  1. What advice would you give to new bloggers?

Don’t stop! Even if you haven’t written anything for a long time. Blogging is a very time-consuming enterprise. When I started my blog, I’ve promised myself to write a post at least once a month. However apart from the blog, I also need to look after my Facebook page and, the main thing, to write my stories. So sometimes, I can post two articles per months, but some months I don’t post anything. I realised that the main things for blogging are consistency, patience, and determination. It’s not that easy to get a few hundreds followers for your blog (like for a Facebook page, for example), but even these couple of dozens I have worth hundreds 🙂

  1. What do you consider success when blogging?

I think, first of all, your own feelings about it. How do you feel about your blog? Do you want to come back to it more often? Do you see it as a tool for your professional development and promotion as an author? Does it help you to communicate with other fellow-bloggers/writers? The amount of followers is also important, especially if you want to build a career in it. It’s also an indicator of your content and how engaging and interesting it is for your followers.

My Nominees:

I would like to nominate the following authors:










They all have wonderful blogs and invest lots of time and efforts into them.

Questions for my Nominees:

  1. What is the main purpose of your blog? Do you blog for a leaving, just for fun, use it as a tool to promote your writing, business, etc.?
  2. What are your favourite topics/genres of blogs and why?
  3. Do you have any topics you would never blog/write about? Do you have any taboos?
  4. What is your understanding of freedom of creativity? How do you express it in your blogs?
  5. In your opinion, should censorship apply to blogging/creative writing? If yes, who should be the censors and what criteria should they use to assess writing?

[Novella] His Personal Reich (excerpt)


England, 2016

   This was it—a tiny piece of paper with sloppy handwriting. Just a twelve digit number and a bank’s address—that was all that her mother had left after her death.

For the hundredth time, Andrea stared at the note without saying a word, and couldn’t believe the reality of what had happened. No calls, no letters, nothing.  Andrea hadn’t visited her mother very often at her care home, where she had been living more than half of her life.

What could she expect?

She wiped away her tears and started to enter the code on a deposit box’s screen.

An old yellowish envelope plumped up with papers appeared from the oblivious darkness of the deposit box.

Andrea pulled it out very carefully, as if she was afraid the envelope’s content might blow her up.

This was it. This was all what was left from her mum, from her childhood which she hadn’t even experienced the way like other kids had, from her family she had never known.

She made a deep breath, trying to get rid of heavy sadness which had continued to torture her for a few weeks since her mother’s death. Putting the envelope in her handbag, she left the bank and drove back home.

  It was late November, but there was almost no snow. Most of the shops, cafés, restaurants, and businesses of all kinds tried to create a joyful atmosphere, decorating their windows, facades, and porches with traditional Christmas’ themes.

Andrea caught herself thinking that this was her mum’s favourite time of the year.  ‘Oh mummy, you haven’t made it till this Christmas.’

Unlike her grandma, Andrea absolutely adored Christmas. For her, it was more about the atmosphere of warmth and joy than the holiday itself.

She felt like tears started to burn her eyes again, remembering her mother’s smiling eyes, when she had been watching the Christmas tree’s illumination.

She had never recognised her daughter. In fact, she had never recognised anybody. Andrea didn’t remember her mother speaking either. The doctors agreed that she could speak. There were not any medical reason or health issues. She just chose not to.

Being completely swallowed by her thoughts and memories, Andrea hadn’t noticed how quickly she returned back home.

She made herself a cup of tea and stared outside, at the autumnal garden. The days became shorter and shorter, and the darkness covered the naked trees with its dull greyish veil. The air felt cool and damp, but Andrea didn’t feel cold. In her recent financial situation, when she needed to save money on everything, including the central heating, she started to get used to the cold.

‘What can be worse than a job loss?’ she asked herself a month ago.

Oh, she was so naïve! It could be much worse.

‘Ah, the envelope,’ she reminded herself.

She must admit she didn’t know her own mum very well. She had always been a stranger to her. And now, this wrinkled yellowed envelope was the only link that connected her to her mother, to her family, to her past.

She opened it with a paper knife. A couple of old faded photos from the 70’s and 80’s. Her mum in a colourful long dress and a huge broad-brimmed hat smiled from the first photo which was made somewhere on the south coast. The sea breeze was blowing her red hair, and she smiled happily…so young, full of energy and life. This photo had been made long before her illness, long before Andrea was born.

She was looking through the pictures, examining them carefully, as if she hoped to find the answers to all her questions that had been screwing her mind for the last several years, after her grandma died, as if she tried to understand the real cause of her mother’s illness.

Another small long envelope with a fancy floral pattern slipped down on the floor and distracted her from the pictures. She opened it. What was it? She carefully unfolded a document.

A marriage certificate? But she was told that her mother had never been married to her dad. Grandma had never told her about the marriage; neither had she wished to talk about Andrea’s father.

21st of May 1982 

George Christopher Owen

Claudia Maria Zissman

‘Damn!’ Andrea read the document again and again, and still couldn’t believe that her own grandma lied to her, lied all her life.

She despised her father so badly that when she’d became Andrea’s only guardian, she gave the granddaughter her surname—Zissman. Why? Why did she hate her son-in-law so much, calling him nothing else, but “a useless dreamer” and “an English half-breed”?

She shuffled through the rest of the papers absently. Two pictures stuck together as they had got wet in her handbag. She separated them carefully.

One picture was a wedding photo which captured a bride and a groom surrounded by the guests. Andrea was examining the faces, trying to find her grandma or somebody she might’ve met before. Nobody.

The longer she had been staring at her mother’s white gown, the more she realised that…

‘Oh, God! She looks pregnant!’ she sighed finally, being afraid of her own guess.

The second photo, or better to say a half of it, revealed a figure of a tall man in his late thirties dressed in a ski suit. Andrea recognised these deep grey eyes and a straight nose—the features she inherited from her father. The endless snowy landscape transformed into a weird lonely mountain on the horizon, where it joined the greyish sky. But it was another figure in the picture next to him—a child, three-, four-year-old, not more. Andrea tried to figure out was it a boy or a girl, but the quality of 80’s photos was poor, an old cheap paper faded quickly, leaving wishy-washy patches all over the image.

The small figure was dressed in a navy blue ski suit and a funny blue fluffy hat which made it look like a little astronaut who had landed somewhere on a deserted frozen planet. It held a cuddly toy lion in its tiny hand.  Most likely, the figure was a boy. On the back side of the photo, she could distinguish her mother’s writing—faded but still visible figures “1985”—the year, when her dad died in an avalanche somewhere in the French Alps.

‘A boy. A brother? What had happened to him? Where’s he now? Is he still alive? Where’s the second half of the picture?’ Andrea felt dizzy.

She tossed the photos onto the table and leaned back on a chair. She closed her eyes, but the picture of the little astronaut emerged in front of her. She realised this would be her curse till the end of her life. Every single night the little funny astronaut with the cuddly toy would come into her dreams until…until she found out the truth.

[Novella] His Personal Reich (blurb)

Andrea Zissman was brought up by her strict grandmother and never knew the truth about her family. When her mother dies at a special care home, the only legacy she leaves her daughter is a mysterious envelope full of old photos.

Andrea finds out that her father, a scientist who studied the energy of Aurora Borealis, didn’t die in an avalanche in the French Alps, but was killed by members of some mysterious neo-Nazis’ colony somewhere on a remote Icelandic island. Moreover, she has an older brother she has never seen before.

Desperate to find her brother and bring to justice her father’s murderers, Andrea meets Leon Callais, a flamboyant, scandalous journalist, who is on the hunt for the Nazi’s super weapon “Nothung”, a device which can open a portal to other dimensions. He believes that death of Andrea’s father and “Nothung” are connected.

The investigation leads Andrea and Leon to Iceland where they are determined to discover the truth about the neo-Nazis’ colony, its secret weapon, and Andrea’s family. However, the colonists give them an extremely cold welcome.  Now, they need to fight not only for the truth but also for their own lives.


(image source: The Aurora Life )