NEW RELEASE & MY REVIEW ~ The Seeds Of Stars by L. Salt

Amazing 5* review by an amazing blogger, Alicia Freeman. Check out her blog to learn what Alicia likes about my new release “The Seeds Of Stars”.

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My 5 ☆ review

The Seeds of Stars by L. Salt
What an adventure!
Koda is just a guy enjoying life until everything starts to go crazy. Trying to figure out his own past and trying to figure out exactly what is going on with the alien object is keeping him on edge. Travel the world with Kodak and see where you end up. L Salt completely blew me away with this book!


✨📖✨ The Seeds of Stars ✨📖✨

L. Salt





#CrazyInk #Thriller #Suspense #SciFi

The life doesn’t promise to be joyful for a “Chernobyl child” born straight after the nuclear disaster. True…but not for such an adventurer, adrenaline junkie, and popular extreme sports’ blogger like Yuliy Kobrin, aka Kobra. Adopted by a British couple, Kobra spends his life in urban exploring and travels.

Skiing in the Scottish…

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