[New release]: Beyond Wonderland anthology. Now on pre-order.

This amazing Crazy Ink anthology features my new short story “Destination Wonderland” together with many other great Crazy Ink’s stories by my fellow authors.

“Destination Wonderland” is a dark, surrealistic retell of the well-known classics, set in rural Derbyshire and makes you wonder whether the world around is really what it seems to be…




Even the Red Queen believed in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
Adventure back and beyond Wonderland in this twisted retake of the classic Carroll tale.
What happened to Alice after she climbed her way out of the rabbit hole? Did Hatter ever find his sanity? Did he even want to? What about Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit? What really happened in that impossible world underground?
Join bestselling and award winning authors as they attempt to bring the craziness back to the magical place called Wonderland…



Return to Hatter – LJC Fynn
Sessions with Madison Hatter – Erin Lee
Cut – Olivia Marie
This Kiss – Tracy Ball
Destination Wonderland – L. Salt
Mad Milliner – Rita Delude
The Cheshire’s Curse – Caitlin McCulloch
Right on Time – Yolanda Allard
Not Quite Wonderland – Lorah Jaiyn
Playing Hearts – J. V. Stanley
Her Name is Alice – Mary Duke

The book is available for pre-order on Amazon and all major platforms.

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