His Personal Reich ~ Pre-order

Another amazing blogger has spotlighted my debut release! Go and check this blog out, guys. It’s full of honest reviews, author’s interviews, and upcoming releases.

Angela K Parker

His Personal Reich_cover_bigNow on preorder!!!!

His Personal Reich

An action/thriller novella
by L. Salt

Release date: April 26, 2018

Preorder link: http://mybook.to/HPReich

#Thriller,  #Action,  #Mystery,  #CrazyInk


Andrea Zissman was brought up by her strict grandmother and never knew the truth about her family. When her mother dies at a special care home, the only legacy she leaves her daughter is a mysterious envelope full of old photos.
Andrea finds out that her father, a scientist who studied the energy of Aurora Borealis, didn’t die in an avalanche in the French Alps, but was killed by members of some mysterious neo-Nazis’ colony somewhere on a remote Icelandic island. Moreover, she has an older brother she has never seen before.
Desperate to find her brother and bring to justice her father’s murderers, Andrea meets Leon Callais, a flamboyant, scandalous journalist, who is on the hunt for the…

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