[Novel] “Angeלs of Zion” (blurb)

Three years have passed since Laura Danco and her friends left St. Petersburg. Isaac and Dr. Levit continue to work together on their top secret project Angels of Zion. The main purpose being to create an army of ultimate soldiers—the kainomorphs—the clones whose physical abilities and strength exceeds human’s.

When the project goes out of control, one of the kainomorphs goes rogue, Dr. Levit gets attacked and subsequently dies, Isaac and Miri have no choice but to follow the clues that the scientist left them to find the rogue clone and to stop a catastrophe. The investigation brings them back to St. Petersburg, where they meet Laura and Chris.

The friends discover Daniel was an early prototype for the Angels of Zion. Now, his life is of an interest to many parties. With their own lives at stake, the friends should decide whether great victories require great sacrifices.


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