First Feedback. The Difference of Perception.


It is well-known that summer is not the best season for writing. It’s a hard job to focus on the novel. I’m not an exemption; the soul wants the sun, the warm sea, new adventures, impressions, and new sources of inspiration for the next story. I planned to write the blog at least once a month, but it has been quiet for ages.

It doesn’t matter that I forgot my favourite characters, and left my manuscript to dust somewhere in the far corner of my desk’s draw.

I’ve even got a few updates on it :)) First of all, I completed it! YES, I DID IT! As soon as the first chapters have already been proofread, I’m not going to change anything.

Second and the most important update-my two Russian-speaking friends have read the whole manuscript, and provided me with very detailed feedback.

It is amazing how different the same plot can be interpreted by English-speaking and non-English speaking readers; how different the characters look like for people, who live in the country which I described in my novel, and for people, who have never visited Russia.

For example, for my friends, the beginning of the story sounds quite frightening, and the futuristic totalitarian society that described in it looks doomed and even gruesome; whereas, my English-speaking peer writers ( found it rather sarcastic. All the characters’ troubles with the authorities look a bit ostentatious and sometimes even funny.

If my Russian-speaking readers see in the novel lots of hidden political motifs (despite I didn’t want any politics in it at all), for the English-speaking readers it looks more like a futuristic urban soap-opera with four friends, their stories, and the big city’s life as the main feature.

I found it incredible, how the language and the place where the readers live can influence the understanding and the impression of the characters in particular and of the novel in general.

For my Russian “critics”, the main characters represent the middle class, whereas the English readers tend to classify them as representatives of “slightly higher than the middle class” citizens.

Completely different or very similar, positive or negative…The importance of feedback can’t be overestimated. Thanks to my friends and peers for helping to improve my writing….